Websites and Social Platforms Matter

We have worked with many candidates over the years and have saved them from ending their campaign before it even started with professional photography, professional web design and digital advertising.

A Candidate's Number one Goal Should Be...

A candidate's number one goal should be donations. Donations pay for signs, websites, advertising, phone calls, accountants, databases, email, digital marketing, etc.

Providing your potential constituents a welcome, safe and empowering feel when visiting your website or social platform is key to receiving healthy and numerous donations.

What the First 3 Seconds Tell About You

When someone visits your website and finds the images are all stretched and grainy, you have text blocks not aligning, your content is a mashup of selfies from three years ago and your 1,200-word bio all slapped on your home page... People will just leave.

In the first 3 seconds, your visitors will quickly realize your site is just slapped together by someone who doesn't know what they are doing. A friend or a volunteer may have built your free or cheap website for you but your malformed website is subconsciously telling your visitors, you don't know what you are doing as a candidate.

We have all visited a website we were too scared and didn't trust to type our credit card info into for a purchase. Your website visitors feel the same way about donating when they visit your website. If your website looks like 5bucks, you'll get no donations. If your website looks professional and provides a safe, powerful feel, you'll get someone willing to donate $2,500 using their credit card on your website. That's the goal. With you get that safe, professional, and powerful feel without the huge bill. You can build it yourself using our pre-designed page templates or you can drag-and-drop your way to a completely custom site without requiring any code. It's a candidate's dream.

Getting Started on No or Low Budget

We work with many first-time candidates running for office. Most begin their journey on a $5 budget or no budget at all. Every candidate operating on little or no budget must understand their website and their social media networks must look like a million bucks. Incumbent candidates already have a professional presence and well-funded candidates will have already handsomely paid someone for professional photography and design for their web and social media platforms.

If you aren't an incumbent or well-funded candidate, you better be on your game if you ever want to make it across the finish line.

Well-funded and incumbent candidates have lots of money for direct mail which is both expensive and effective.

A no-or-low budget candidate doesn't have money for direct mail campaigns. If you play your cards right and invest heavily in your digital presence, you can be just as effective for a fraction of the cost. Professional photography and graphic design is your key to this success.

Looking Good on Mobile, Desktops, and Notepads

Your website must be specifically designed to look a certain way so you maintain a professional look no matter what device your constituents are using to find or follow you.

A majority of "free" and "cheap" websites attempt to automate this task but usually fail. features an easy drag-and-drop PageBuilder that allows you to easily customize your site specifically for each particular device.

What's Next??

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